The 150 Million Years of

BORNEO Tropical Rainforest

where the Best Wild Honey cultivated

About Us

Why are we here ?

Instead of simply sharing with you "who are we", we believe "why are we here" is more critical and straight forward to the answer. Our founder --- Mr. Fong Pin Hoong likes to eat (he really eats a lot), especially food with original and authentic taste. At first, he always buys home the Borneo rainforest raw & wild honey for his family and himself from a native bee seller. One day, he had an idea : "Why don't I share this great food with everyone who have the same concerns about food like me, and when the demand goes up, we can bulk order and share even more quality food with the cheaper price together", therefore Leven was formed since the year 2012. The first intention to form this company is to provide a hard-to-find, unique & authentic food source for our founder's family and friends. And that is why you come to us :p

Although nowadays food taste is getting more delicious, it contains lots of artificial chemicals and colouring, but most people will still consume it as their daily food source. We do not want to offer you a wide variety of the many types of food as we can, but a few quality good ones! We believe you will fall in love with it!

Why Leven's Borneo Rainforest Honey ?

100% SOURCE from Borneo Tropical Rainforest
100% NATURAL Ingredients
GUARANTEED 100% Pure, Raw & Wild
brewed from more than HUNDRED of flowers
originally harvested from beehives on TREE
NO hot / cold process

Borneo Rainforest Honey

100% Harvested from Tropical Rainforest in
the 3rd largest island in the world


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500gram of Borneo Rainforest Honey x 1

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US$ 39.90

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500gram of Borneo Rainforest Honey x 2

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US$ 69.90

(SAVE US$ 9.90 -- MOST Popular choice)

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500gram of Borneo Rainforest Honey x 3
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FREE Shipping Protection Boxes x 3

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US$ 99.90

(US$ 33.30 per bottle ONLY)

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