World 3rd Largest Island --- Borneo Island 

With an area of 743,330 square kilometres, it is the third-largest island in the world, and is the largest island of Asia (the largest continent). Borneo is known for its unique large amount of this island is dominated by tropical rainforest and 15,000 precious species of flowering plants where the best wild honey cultivated. These flowering plants are exactly what sustains the bees in this ecosystem. Borneo is divided into three countries including Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. The unique climate in Borneo stays relatively humid and warm all year round but rarely rises above 90° or drops below 68°. Rainfall in forest areas is fairly common and the island does experience a rainy season between October and February.

Originally Sourced from Borneo Tropical Rainforest

It is sourced directly from the virgin Borneo tropical rainforest that has existed for more than 150 million years. This is an old-growth and wild environment that has remained the same with exotic species of plants and animals for millions of years. The honey from this area is precious as there is a higher percentage of oxygen as well as unique plants that go into its natural formation. No other honey in the world taste this way.

100% Pure, Raw & Wild,  Guaranteed 

Our honey is fully harvested by native people who live in the rainforest. Leven's honey is not processed, pasteurized or tampered like you would find with many store-bought honeys and this improves not only the quality but remain the honey "alive". If you are committed to all-natural ingredients, you can't get honey that is more natural and unprocessed than ours.

Lab Test Passed 

Our third party lab-based quality control system monitors every batch that is harvested and this ensures that every batch we send out is completely safe and harvested using a very careful methodology. We use third-party testers to ensure that there is zero bias in our product and to remain confident in our product.

Brewed from more than  100 different flower  species 

In the undisturbed rainforest of Borneo, these are some of the only places that you can find the unique plant characterizations and flowers that make up the honey product from these bees such as hibiscus, multiple species of orchids and melastoma shrub flowers. Many of these types of flowers do not exist in Europe or North America which only grow in the Borneo rainforest.

Originally harvested from beehives on trees

To take natural honey to an entirely new level we harvest all honey in our production directly from tree beehives made by the bees themselves. This naturally occurring honey is much more pure and unique tasting because it carries the energy of the forest and the balance from the various plants that make up the rainforest.

No hot / cold process just filtered 

With our stringent testing as well as the simple filtration process we can deliver a product that is 100% natural and unchanged in its taste. In many cases using high and low temperatures can change the flavors and we do not want to compromise and spoil the work that nature has done.

No expire date

Honey is one of the only types of food in the world that does not expire. Just like any type of honey that's produced in nature real and pure honey has no type of expiry date and as a result, you can enjoy the longest lifespan of the product that we deliver.

Packed in glass bottle 

When honey is packed in plastic containers or other types of materials it can often leach chemicals into the flavors. We don't believe in compromising the flavor of natural honey one bit and as a result, we've produce Borneo rainforest honey that is packaged in glass bottles. Using this type of packaging you can get the freshest version of honey directly to your store shelves. Taste the balance of the forest without any compromise!

Support local vulnerable group

The groups that we support includes single mothers in Kuching as well as a down syndrome teenager Association. We support both of these groups of people by providing regular employment and a portion of our proceeds to assist these local charities in Kuching (one of the cities in Borneo). The honey producers in this area would not commonly have access to a revenue stream without online ordering. With your support for Borneo rainforest honey, you could be adding the values to the families in need across Kuching and improving the quality of life in communities as well.

Borneo Rainforest Honey

100% Harvested from Tropical Rainforest in
the 3rd largest island in the world